Are You Concerned

That using Law Essayists services is cheating?

O ur services do not promote cheating and their legitimate and proper use does not mean, in any way, that you are cheating. The concept is really very simple. US Essayist offers students a wide range of academic services, all of which are intended to raise you grades and ensure your academic success: Through our tutoring services, we provide you with a professional study buddy, someone who will clarify all those obscure points for you and guide you in your studies. Our research assistance services provide you with an outline upon which you may structure your research paper, dissertation, thesis, Capstone project, term paper or essay, in addition to collecting and sending you all the peer-reviewed, scholarly sources you need to write up your study. Our Mark It service grades your research paper, essay, term paper, dissertation or thesis for you and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your areas of strengths and weaknesses, complete with a guideline on how to raise your projected mark. Our proofreading services entail the correction of your research project, with focus upon typing and linguistic errors. Our editing services involve the aggressive correction of a research project which you, yourself, have completed and which you want amended. Our research writing services provides you, the student, with a model research paper, essay, term paper, dissertation or thesis, custom-written to your exact specifications and completely free of any form of plagiarism. You, the student, subsequently use the paper to base your own research upon and do not submit it as your own, despite the fact that it is owned solely and entirely by you. Not one of our services, as explained above, involves cheating or encourages you to abandon ethical principles and academic integrity guidelines. We are hardly naive. We know that some of our clients will submit the model research paper, essay, dissertation, thesis or term paper, provided to them by us as their own. WhileВ US Essayist actively discourages this, unfortunately, we cannot control what clients do with their work.

That the services we offer may not be legal?

R esponding to this concern is difficult because it is founded upon a totally ludicrous and thoroughly deceptive claim. There is not a single law, whether enacted or under discussion, which criminalises the provision of academic services or considers their use illegal. US Essayist, as with other officially incorporated companies in this industry, have been licensed to sell the services we offer here. As mandated by UK law, our company incorporation number and our registered office address are clearly displayed on our website. The names and addresses of the officers of the company are recorded in official documents held at the Companies House. You, and any other, may verify our status by logging onto the Companies House website and querying our company name (Oxbridge Researchers Ltd.) or our company incorporation number (6669933). Were the model answer, research assistance, proofreading, editing, online test help, custom essay, dissertation, thesis and term paper writing services we offer, illegal would we be licensed by the British government? Would information on our company be widely available through a UK government website and would we pay taxes to HM Revenue and Customs? If we were not a legitimate company and were our services not legal, the answer would be a resounding NO. As we, however, are a legal entity, engaged in the provision of a thoroughly legal service the answer is clear… You may use our services as well as those of other legitimate, registered companies, with full assurance that it is completely legal to do so.

You have no cause for concern US Essayist is a legal company and our services are legitimate

That someone might find out that you have been using US Essayistвs services?

The Essayist network, as with all Oxbridge Researchers Ltd companies, does not offer empty guarantees. English law is clear-cut. We, as the Service Providers/Sellers, have covered aspects of our services with clearly published guarantees. You, as the buyer, entered into contract with us with knowledge of those guarantees and with the assurance that they constitute part of our contractual obligations towards you. Some of our guarantees, including CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURANCE, are monetarily covered. This means that should we violate the confidentiality agreement between us, we are liable to pay you the value of our Confidentiality Guarantee bond, $20, 000. In other words, your confidentiality is fully assured and we, at US Essayist, will not reveal your name or the nature of your relationship with us to any disinterested or irrelevant Third Party. In fact, we provide all our graduate and post-graduate thesis and dissertation writing clients with a Non Disclosure Agreement. Any other client who wishes to receive a binding Non Disclosure Agreement from us when purchasing our services, may do so. To put it bluntly the possibility of your tutor finding out that you have used US Essayist model academic custom writing and research services is non-existent. We do not disclose any information about our clients to third parties. Our writers do not have your personal information, be it your name, your email or any other contact information. Only Oxbridge Researcherвs Executive Director and a handful of top company executives have access to this information.

Because you are unsure whether or not US Essayist can help you?

As your education partner and your study buddy, US Essayist can, most definitely help you. Students no longer benefit from the personalised learning environment of the past and in overcrowded lecture rooms and seminar halls, are nothing more than part of a faceless, impersonal collectivity.

Whether you are a full-time, part-time, adult or international student, the absence of personal learning support quite often leaves you at a loss. Professors are hardly as accessible as they once were and, therefore, you do not have the option of clearing up murky points with your tutors whenever needed. Left to your own devices, not only do the research and learning processes become even more complex and complicated than they normally are but, you are deprived of the chance to become all that you can be to earn the grades that will set you apart from your colleagues and ensure a more lucrative, financially stable career. US Essayist addresses the shortcomings in todayS learning environment. If there is something you do not understand, our tutors will explain it to you; if you are unsure about the research process, our research consultants will guide you; and if you are unsure whether your work meets the required standard, US Essayist will mark and correct it for you.

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